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Expert Advice Help to Boost Your Skin’s Elasticity

Let’s face it, the idea of our skin losing some of its elasticity is hardly going to inspire us in any way. This is seen by many as a sign that we are indeed getting old, and that something has to be done to counteract it.

But here’s an important point. There are things that we can do that will help to improve that skin elasticity. Also, not everything is going to result in some kind of medical procedure whether it be invasive or not.

elasticity of the skin

Skin Elasticity or How to Remain Young Longer.

how to look younger for longer

We should begin by offering you an explanation as to why your skin starts to lose some of its elasticity. The truth is that it’s easier to understand than you think.

The main reason is due to the breakdown of collagen. Now, when we are younger, our body is fantastic at repairing collagen. Sadly, as we age, it is no longer as efficient, and we start to lose some of that strength and support in the structure of our skin.

When collagen production drops and elastin starts to become weaker, then this is going to lead to your skin sagging, wrinkles appearing and that general feeling that you are starting to look older than you really are. Overall, it paints a depressing picture.

However, you have no need to just sit back and feel that it’s all over. You can tackle it head on, and we are going to show you the best ways to retain that skin elasticity and remain looking younger for longer.



Use Sunscreen Daily.

use sunscreen lotion

The main reason why you must include sunscreen in your daily skin routine is because it can prevent things from getting worse. UV rays cause all kinds of problems for your skin, and one way in which it damages is by increasing the speed at which collagen and elastin can be broken down. If you want to improve skin elasticity, then start with this.

The aim here is to think from a preventative side rather than anything else.


Drink Enough Water.

drink water for skincare

Not staying adequately hydrated will cause all kinds of problems for your skin, and one way in which it will be damaged is with the elastin and collagen. Your cells need water to survive. Fail to drink enough water, then they will not have the correct nutrients which the body needs in each cell for it to do the job that it is intended for.

When you are not hydrated, your body draws water from areas where it is perhaps less needed in order to preserve your organs. In this instance, your skin is often the first port of call, and that leads to an increase in wrinkles, sagging skin and even your skin just looking generally unhealthy.

Boost Your Diet.

diet for skincare

There is a belief held by many that food can, and does, heal so many things in life and boosting the elasticity of your skin is no exception. Your body requires the correct nutrients and minerals for it to function, and we can get so much of what we need simply from our diet.

For the sake of the elastin in your skin, then there are several key things you need to be looking out for. This includes: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, E and even D. The main thing to remember is that your body needs these nutrients to carry out all the tasks that it needs to do. Yes, you can get them from supplements, but it’s such a complex array of vitamins and minerals that it is advisable to get them from your diet.


Quit Smoking.

stop smoking for skin care

If you smoke, then you should quit for a number of reasons and one of those is going to be your skin. The chemicals that appear in cigarettes are going to disrupt your circulation, and when your circulation is affected it is going to then have a negative impact on your skin.

Basically, smoking has been shown time and time again to be guilty of helping to destroy both collagen as well as elastin. Is it any surprise then that smokers tend to develop more wrinkles around the mouth area and many look older than they are?



Reduce Stress.

reduce stress for younger looking skin

Stress releases cortisol into your body, and that is not a friendly hormone when it comes to the health of your skin. The problem is primarily that cortisol hampers the ability of your body to heal itself, and it needs to do this on a daily basis due to the turnover of cells. If cortisol hampers it, then your body cannot replace the damaged collagen and elastin as quickly as it needs to which then results in a loss of elasticity.



Chemical Peels.

chemical peeling off skin

The idea of chemical peels is straightforward. The aim is to remove those old skin cells and to effectively damage your skin ever so slightly. The intention is to kickstart the natural healing production which means more elastin and collagen being developed by the body.

This approach is not going to be suitable for those individuals that have sensitive skin. This will only lead to irritation and not actually help the production of the new collagen or elastin. Also, it’s safer to have this method done at a place that is qualified to carry out this line of treatment as at least then it will be more regulated.


Laser Resurfacing.

laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing works in the same way as the chemical peel in that it encourages your body to do what comes naturally to it, which is to repair damage that has been done to the skin. Of course, with this option it is controlled from a medical point of view, so the damage is done in a specific manner.

As you see, there are several options available to you when it comes to boosting the elasticity of your skin. Each point is based in scientific fact, and that does mean you have nothing to fear by giving them a go. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but if you never try then how do you know what will work for you? Knowing how to improve skin elasticity is all about being willing to try different things, so what are you waiting for?

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