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How to Prevent Turkey Neck Turning 50

There are lots of factors at play when it comes to an aging neck; our necks aren’t made up of heavy fatty tissue, so the skin there is drier, more delicate and less elastic.

Of course, we are all familiar with the concept of the turkey neck and how it does look aging on an individual. You don’t want to focus on your face with trying to turn back the clock only to discover that your neck is telling a different story.

 prevent turkey neck

While some companies have primarily focused on other areas of the body, there is some good news out there for people that do worry about their neck area aging. So, here we have anti-aging advice for an elderly neck that does indeed make a difference. Also, knowing how to avoid turkey neck in the first place means you can prevent it from ever happening to you.


Secrets of Preventing Turkey Neck

Even though we have a number of secrets of preventing turkey neck lined up, there’s a need for us to state that we cannot tell you which option will work best for you. It may even be the case that you need to do things differently for yourself, but as long as it does prevent that turkey neck from appearing, then who cares exactly how you did it?

So, let’s get to it with how to prevent turkey neck from appearing in the first place.


Vitamin C is Your Friend

You may already know that Vitamin C is good for your skin, and it will also prove its usefulness in this situation. Vitamin C is regarded as a core nutrient in the production of collagen.[1] Therefore, making sure you get Vitamin C into your body will aid in more collagen being produced and your skin will then become tighter.

 vitamin C for preventing turkey neck

Do remember that a major cause of turkey neck is a loss of elasticity in the skin. It makes sense for you to do something to counteract this loss, and it’s collagen that will help. If you can also get something with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, then use it. The hyaluronic acid will lock in moisture and the Vitamin C is also going to be capable of working better than ever before.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties,[2] and it can also help in preventing the development of that aging neck. In this instance, what it’s good for is to tighten those pores while it also stops free radicals from damaging the skin.

 aloe vera for preventing turkey neck

Aloe Vera and its protective barrier is important. Those free radicals are known to damage skin, but then throw in the healing properties associated with aloe vera and what you have is a wonderful product that is capable of doing so much.


Increase Beta Carotene Consumption

Another key thing to incorporate into your diet is to make sure you have boosted your consumption of Beta Carotene. If you feel unsure as to what this includes, then look at any vegetable that is orange in colour.

 beta carotene for preventing turkey neck

The reason why Beta Carotene is so important is because our body takes this and converts it into Vitamin A. This has long been known as one of the core nutrients that our body needs in order to improve the integrity of our skin.

What this means is that Vitamin A is used by our body to keep our skin firmer, healthier, and even capable of it healing itself faster than ever before.[3] Furthermore, additional research has shown that Beta Carotene may also help to protect our skin cells from free radicals. Basically, it becomes an antioxidant and protecting our cells in this way is a fantastic method of fighting back against the signs of aging.


Stay Hydrated

Remember we said that your skin is drier which then leads to this turkey neck appearing? Well, it makes sense that we should then strive to stay hydrated to then counteract this particular issue.

 hydration for preventing turkey neck

If we suffer from dehydration, then our body is unable to cope with the toxins that move through it.[4] Usually, our digestive system deals with that but it cannot do this when we don’t drink enough water. At that point, the toxins come through our skin leading to damage and those free radicals come into play again.

Increase your water intake and it will stop your body from using your skin and the pores to release those toxins. This alone is great at preventing turkey neck from developing.



You can do various things that will keep the neck toned and tight but if you don’t feel like getting any kind of injection or surgery, then you also have the exercise option[5]. The best option is to sit upright in a chair and tilt your head back until you can look at the ceiling. Also, you want to keep your mouth closed at this point.

 neck exercises for preventing turkey neck

This kind of exercise works the muscles in the neck and if you do it twice a day and with 10-15 repetitions each time, then it will at least slow down the potential progression of that turkey neck. In fact, anything that stretches the neck out can make a difference. Of course, you may have limitations with your movement, so go as far as you can without putting yourself in any difficulty.


Use a Neck Lifting Cream

Various companies state that their creams will lift the skin on your neck, but what do they actually mean? In this instance, we recommend you find a cream that contains both retinol as well as peptides. These two ingredients will encourage the skin around your neck to produce more collagen[6] and that, as we know, makes your skin look healthier and also tighter.

 neck cream for preventing turkey neck

Do also remember to apply a cream with an SPF for during the day. This is especially important when using retinol as it may cause some slight irritation to the skin and it becomes sensitive. Sun damage alone can lead to turkey neck developing, so missing that step out is a major faux pas.


As you can see, we have sought to avoid the path of surgery or medical intervention. Instead, you have several different options available to you that are worth checking out. Start trying to prevent this problem as early as possible as the longer you leave it, then the harder it becomes to rectify the issue.


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