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National No Makeup Day: Feel Beautiful

National No Makeup Day is the chance for women to show their natural beauty devoid of the ‘mask’ that we call makeup. This is all about women expressing themselves minus all of the societal ideas that are placed upon them regarding makeup. However, the idea of no makeup is scary to many.

It’s about feeling beautiful for who you are and not who you become after applying the artistry of makeup.

national no makeup day

The day itself has now been running each year for over a decade, but most women are only now being made aware of its very existence. This in itself is a sad thing as the idea behind it is excellent, and it does then convince women to go ahead and take that plunge.

But then, due to the way in which a number of women rely so heavily on makeup, is it any wonder that a percentage of women feel stressed and overwhelmed with the idea of going about their day without wearing any of it? If that is the case for you, then becoming aware of how to make the entire day easier is important.


National No Makeup Day: Ways to Feel Comfortable Looking Natural

With your self-confidence feeling at breaking point, understanding ways that you can feel more comfortable about yourself will help. Also, if big name stars such as Kate Moss, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and many more can do it in the media spotlight, then so can you. Celebrities without makeup is unusual, but with a number of them supporting this movement then perhaps that may change

So, what do we recommend that you do? These few tips should make a difference if you plan on going with no makeup. Also, looking after your skin is something you should be doing no matter if you are going with or without makeup.


Get Your Skin Glowing

The first thing is to make sure your skin is glowing if you are going with no makeup. To do this, we recommend using a good exfoliator to remove all of that debris that builds up for each and every one of us as this will make the skin look dull and not exactly full of life.

national no makeup day

Exfoliating will also unblock pores and you will discover that your skin starts to take on more of a luminous effect. This should undoubtedly be the first thing that you do to your skin when getting ready for this big day.

You may already exfoliate, but when you then wear makeup on a daily basis, it will block those pores up again. As you are going makeup free for the day, now is the perfect time to get your skin in perfect condition with it being revealed to the world before you perhaps go back to your old ways of applying makeup each and every day.


Hydration is Important

Your skin looks better when it’s correctly hydrated. This is something you should already do as part of your daily skincare routine, but at times like this it does take on some added meaning.

national no makeup day

You want to have a quality moisturiser, and see if it contains hyaluronic acid, and don’t just leave it sitting in the cabinet. Regular use of this moisturiser will make a huge difference to how your skin looks. Failure to hydrate it will lead to all kinds of skin issues including it looking dry, more wrinkles appearing and also losing some of that all-important shine.


Steam and Cleanse

 national no makeup day

Steam is another way of opening up those pores allowing you to have a skin that radiates more than ever before.[2] A gentle cleanser will also help with removing that debris on your skin as a result of exfoliating, and the end result is something far superior to what you would expect.


Make Use of a Facial Massage

A facial massage will make a difference to how your skin looks.[3] It does this by boosting circulation and getting more blood to flow to the surface. This, in turn, promotes a sense of healthy skin as the increase in blood flow results in your skin regaining its glowing complexion.

national no makeup day

It’s easy to find facial massage rollers, and you are only looking at using them for a few minutes per day to help stimulate the circulation. With these facial rollers, there are two ends with one smaller and one bigger. Use the smaller one for around the eyes and the larger one for everywhere else. Also, they often recommend keeping it in the fridge when not using it as this further increases the impact that the rolling will then have.


You Aren’t Alone

Back in 2018, there were more than 13 million images on Instagram directly associated to National No Makeup Day. Many more appeared on different social media websites, and then you can only guess how many took part but never posted.

national no makeup day

Basically, what we are saying is that you aren’t alone. It’s undoubtedly a movement that people want to take some pride in. Also, as the movement is growing year on year, it does mean even more women will take part in 2019.

You only need to look online to get more of an accurate picture as to how important this day is becoming. That alone should provide you with some confidence that taking part is the correct thing to do. You aren’t alone and are just one out of millions of women around the world ditching their makeup for this one single day.


Remind Yourself to Focus On the Inner You 

This day is all about women showing that there is a whole lot more to them than what they look like when wearing their makeup. It’s good to remind yourself about the fact that this is an opportunity to focus on the inner you.

This is the time to allow your personality to come forward and to be the real you. Understand that there is an entire person inside who is usually hidden away from the world thanks to makeup.

National No Makeup Day is something to enjoy. It’s the time to express that sense of freedom that releases you from the confines of a vast industry and the desire to always look a certain way. As you have seen above, that doesn’t have to mean you completely neglect your skin. Nothing could be more wrong. Pamper your skin with a variety of products and allow it to glow as it naturally should rather than being hidden away beneath foundation, concealer, and blush.

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