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Biotin Advanced

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Tired of Brittle Nails and Slow Hair Growth?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your nails are brittle or your hair just doesn’t grow as quickly as it used to—or worse your hair is shedding. You’ve tried shampoos, potions and chemicals to remedy the situation, only to conclude that you’re just getting older or your metabolism has changed. Time for a wide selection of hats and acrylic nails, right?


Your Body May Be Missing a Key Ingredient!

It’s true that as we grow older or go through substantial physical changes, like having a baby, things change with our bodies. And it starts to matter what we eat, how much we sleep and the abuse we subject our bodies to. However, it may also be that your body is lacking an essential nutrient that supports healthy nail and hair growth. The B vitamin Biotin plays a key role in your body. It supports healthy skin, nerves, digestion, metabolism, and cell growth. Early research suggests that Biotin may:

✓Decrease insulin resistance
✓Strengthen brittle nails
✓Increase hair growth
✓Decrease hair loss
✓Promote normal immunity
✓Support amino acid metabolism


And Biotin is essential in helping your body break down fats and carbohydrates. A Biotin deficiency may affect the growth of nerves and bones, which can lead to to hair loss, brittle nails, skin conditions or even neurological symptoms.

Guarantee and Bonus!

We are so confident in Le Fair Biotin Advanced that we offer a 100% refund guarantee.


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Customer Reviews

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It’s brilliant and really works.

I’ve been kissing a lot of hair since going through the menopause and it was just falling out constantly but although I have only been taking this product fir about a month now I have noticed I have hardly any hair falling out and when I wash my hair I only have a little bit of hair I stead of a handful I’m very pleased with this product so far and would definitely recommend it.

Buy it.

Good in caps for absorption by the body.

Great stuff for making hair & nails grow.

I love this product-if you want your hair & nails to grow then try this.

My hair and skin looks completely we different and healthy!

I lost a toenail after running a half marathon in old shoes (I know right - so so daft). I do martial arts barefoot and are very conscious of my ugly missing nail! I started taking this product to help regrow my nail fast but the side effects on my hair and skin is wonderfull. My hair is definitely growing faster (everywhere not just on my head - so ladies be aware, you will have to increase the frequency of shaving/waxing) and my nails are hard and healthy. I will be honest and say I also take a vitamin D supplement. I think the two together is working wonders. Definitely will continue using this product.

Five Stars


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Why Buy From Us

What customers are saying about us..

"When I switched to Lé Fair, I noticed how much lighter and silkier my skin felt compared to the other high end brand. Lé Fair is much lighter and not nearly as oily. Within 2 weeks, I had a noticeable difference in my deep wrinkles and crows feet around my eyes!"

  • -Brenda

"Lé Fair is an amazing age reversal cream; I see a visible decrease in my wrinkles and fine lines in just 3 weeks! It is gentle on the skin and has no side effects. I get compliments for looking younger wherever I go."

  • -Kandace W.

"Lé Fair has done wonders for my skin. My crows feet and smile lines have started to fade and I look at least five years younger. This is a definite must try for women of all ages aspiring for a younger more youthful glow."

  • -Megan V.

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